Control Mode

This option exists so you can put one channel in Position Control and another in Speed Control at the same time, or use encoders on only one channel.


The percentage of the input range which is considered 0% speed.

If this is, say, 50%, then a 50% input will be 0% speed, a 75% input will be 50% speed, and a 100% input will be 100% speed.


Higher exponential makes speed changes more gradual near input center.

This setting can dramatically affect the feel of the control. Play around and see where it takes you.

Minimum Speed

Speeds below this in analog and RC mode will be considered zero speed.

If this is, say, 100 mV/s, then 90 mV/s will be considered 0 mV/s, but 110 mV/s will be considered 110 mV/s.


You can set a potentiometer or an input up as a Reverse channel. Combine this with Enable single-direction mode. for Speed/Direction control.

Speed Limit

A potentiometer or input will go from 1% to 150% of the speed limit you give.

Speed Ramping

In Speed Control mode, a potentiometer or input will go from 1% to 150% of the ramp rate you give.

Enable single-direction mode.

This is often combined with Reverse for Speed/Direction control.