Version 3.6.1 (October 23, 2015):

Adds the ability to control the Sabertooth 2x32 from its Live View.

Improved support for Large Fonts mode and high-DPI screens.

Includes the 2015-10-23 Sabertooth 2x32 firmware:

 - User Mode RC (No Signal) value fixed

 - User Mode serial ports can now use the USB baud rate

 - Plain Text Serial properly supports checksums for GET queries

 - USB Serial Converter mode

   - P1, P2, T1, and T2 can be controlled

   - USB baud rate is used for A1 and A2 instead of 9600 baud

Includes the 2015-10-23 Kangaroo firmware:

 - Position and speed setpoint increment commands

 - Speed ramping can now be controlled from Plain Text Serial

 - Ticks and limit switches can be monitored during tuning

Miscellaneous usability improvements.

Version 3.6 (June 14, 2014):

Added command history (Up/Down) to Calculator and Serial Terminal.

Added variable assignment to Calculator (x := y).

File->Open Example no longer adds to the Most Recently Used List.

Fixed Sabertooth and SyRen Data Collector blocks in Custom Test.

Kangaroo machine zero now allows negative coordinates.

Supports the recent Sabertooth 2x32 firmware update 2014-06-09:

 - User Mode variables T1 and T2 (Current Limit control)

Version 3.3 (July 1, 2013):

Added support for Sabertooth 2x32.

Added Calculator and Serial Terminal tools.

Version 3.2 (May 15, 2013):

Check For Updates now checks if the update was already downloaded.

Fixed limits on unitless values.

Fixed Undo for some unit conversions.

Improved the exponential map Exponential Curve feature.

Last-used directories are now remembered.

Math can now be used in all numeric DEScribe fields.

Supports the recent Kangaroo firmware update 2013-05-15:

 - All Inputs/Control Mode/Open-Loop (No Feedback)

 - All Inputs/Exponential

 - All Inputs/Enable Single Direction Mode

 - Positioning/One Limit Switch Only

Miscellaneous usability improvements.

Version 3.1.1 (April 10, 2013):

Decluttered the Connect window.

Fixed a crash in Kangaroo Live Test when using Large Fonts.

Fixed DEScribe 1.5 curve import.

Fixed Kangaroo Mixed Mode upload.

Fixed control ordering for screen readers.

Improved the speed of saving and loading.

Miscellaneous usability improvements.

Version 3.1 (March 27, 2013):

Added a help file.

Added a progress bar when downloading updates.

Added "Report a Bug" and "Send Feedback" to the Help menu.

Added support for Sabertooth 2x5 V2, SyRen 10 V2, and SyRen 25 V2.

Cleaned up some of the Kangaroo settings tabs.

Fixed a crash when uploading settings to SyRen 50.

Fixed editing of dual exponential-map curves.

Kangaroo Live Test now sets a one-second serial timeout.

RC calibration is no longer grayed out on SyRen/Sabertooth.

Support the recent Kangaroo firmware update 2013-03-26:

 - All Inputs/Control Mode

 - All Inputs/Reverse

 - Control/Cut Power When Stopped

The Escape key now closes most windows.

Miscellaneous usability improvements.

Version 3.0.1 (March 8, 2013):

Fixed the machine zero field. It was rounding to whole numbers.

Live Test no longer suggests the nominal range in mixed mode.

Unit names now refresh properly on Undo/Redo.

Version 3.0 (March 6, 2013):

Added support for Kangaroo.

Added links to the Encoder Calculator and Help Desk.

Added links to the SyRen/Sabertooth DIP Switch Wizards.

Added a Connect/Disconnect option.

Added a Default option for Sabertooth Deadband.

DEScribe now uses .NET Framework 4.0.

Version 2.0 (September 17, 2012):

Added automatic update checking.