Use exponential map in serial mode

If you check this, the exponential map on the General tab will be applied to serial commands.

This lets you alter response without altering code. For example, if you didn't write the code that is sending the serial commands, you can use this option and the exponential map to customize the response (softening it up near the center, biasing it in one direction, etc.), no hassle.

If you have a Kangaroo connected, we advise leaving this option off.

Baud Rate

By default, DEScribe-compatible SyRen/Sabertooth drivers use a baud rate of 9600. This can be changed with a Packet Serial command, or by editing it here. A faster baud rate lets you send more updates to the motor driver per second, resulting in snappier response time. A slower baud rate can be used if your serial connection is having signal quality problems.

Keep in mind that if you change this, the next time you power on the motor driver and try to connect with DEScribe, you will need to select the new baud rate. If you later forget what baud rate you chose, don't worry -- the Connect dialog box has a Detect feature to figure it out.