In most circumstances, the values filled in by the Autotune button are good. The only common reasons to change settings on this tab are:

(1) change Soft Limits or Nominal Travel

(2) set up an index pulse or home switch on a motor previously tuned in Teach Mode


Use Home Position

The origin is the position detected by homing.

Use First-Encountered Index Pulse/Home Switch (Normally Closed)

The origin is the first-encountered index pulse or normally-closed home switch. Homing will be interrupted when this is detected.

Use Last-Encountered Index Pulse

The origin is the last-encountered index pulse before homing stopped on its own.

Machine Zero

If this is zero, the zero position and origin are the same.

This is the offset from the origin that is considered the zero position. All other positions are relative to this zero.


Use Startup Position

The initial position is used and no homing takes place.

Use Limit Switches

Kangaroo will home until it encounters a limit switch.

Use Mechanical Stops

Kangaroo will home until it encounters a significant increase in resistance to motion.

Home Until Interrupted

The system will keep homing forever until it is stopped. This should only ever be used in combination with Use First-Encountered Index Pulse/Home Switch (Normally Closed), for systems which see their index pulse or normally-closed home switch every rotation.

Hard Limits

This is the range outside of which the motor power will be cut off.

Soft Limits

This is the range position will be limited to, and outside of which speed will be controlled to zero.

Nominal Travel

This is the range used by analog and RC, and which Simplified Serial will tell you when you send GETMIN or GETMAX.

Limit Switches

When limit switches are pressed, motor power is cut off. Non-Homing Side determines which direction power is cut off in.

Unlike all other features of Kangaroo, limit switches cut off power for open-loop commands as well. This can be enabled even without any feedback hooked up or any tuning set up to add limit switches to an otherwise open-loop Sabertooth application.

The (one limit switch only) option causes Kangaroo to ignore the non-homing side limit switch pin.