SyRen Simplified Serial Library for Arduino
Control your SyRen with Simplified Serial.

Getting Started

DIP Switches

For this library, make sure DIP switches 1 is ON and 2 is OFF for Simplified Serial. The examples use 9600 baud, for which DIP switch 4 should be OFF and 5 should be ON.

For full information about configuring your DIP switches, consult the DIP Switch Wizard at


Connect 0V to Arduino GND, S1 to Arduino TX, and if you want to power the Arduino with your SyRen, 5V to Arduino 5V.


Once you have the library installed, try any of the included examples. This is the best way to get a feel for things.

To find the examples, first start up the Arduino software (if you installed with it running, restart it). Click File, Examples, SyRenSimplified, and then take your pick.


Feel free to contact us if you have questions. Our Help Desk is at