KangarooChannel PropertiesKangaroo Library for .NET

The KangarooChannel type exposes the following members.


Public propertyAddress
Gets the Packet Serial address of the controller.
Public propertyCommandRetryInterval
Gets or sets the command retry interval, in milliseconds.
Public propertyCommandTimeout
Gets or sets the command timeout, in milliseconds.
Public propertyName
Gets the channel name.
Public propertyStreaming
Enables or disables streaming. When streaming is disabled (the default), commands are delivered reliably: a request is sent to the Kangaroo after every command to make sure the command was received. When streaming is enabled, commands are delivered unreliably: no effort is made to verify that they are received. If you are constantly sending position or speed commands, you may not care if an intermediate one is lost. Enabling streaming can more than double your command rate, at the cost of reduced reliability. If you only have a transmit line and no way to receive data back from the Kangaroo, you should enable streaming. Wait(Int32) cannot be meaningfully called for a command that was streamed.
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