KangarooChannel Constructor Kangaroo Library for .NET
Constructs a KangarooChannel object.

Namespace: DimensionEngineering.Kangaroo
Assembly: DimensionEngineering.Kangaroo (in DimensionEngineering.Kangaroo.dll) Version: (

public KangarooChannel(
	KangarooSerial serial,
	char name,
	int address = 128


Type: DimensionEngineering.KangarooKangarooSerial
The KangarooSerial whose serial port the controller is on.
Type: SystemChar
The name of the channel (a single character). By default, mixed mode channels are 'D' (Drive) and 'T' (Turn). Independent mode channels are '1' and '2'. You can change these in DEScribe. Mainly this is useful if you have multiple Kangaroos daisy-chained and have 'Enable multi-Kangaroo mode (shared signal lines).' checked, or if your particular application would be clearer if for instance the channels were named 'X', 'Y', and 'Z'.
address (Optional)
Type: SystemInt32
The Packet Serial address of the controller. Normally this can be left at its default. If you daisy-chain the TX/S1 line between your Kangaroo and a Sabertooth or SyRen motor driver set in Packet Serial, however, make sure they aren't both using the same address.
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