KangarooError EnumerationKangaroo Library for .NET
Errors that can occur in response to status queries.

Namespace: DimensionEngineering.Kangaroo
Assembly: DimensionEngineering.Kangaroo (in DimensionEngineering.Kangaroo.dll) Version: (

public enum KangarooError

  Member nameValueDescription
None0 No error occurred.
NotStarted1 The channel is not started. Call Start on the channel.
NotHomed2 The channel needs to be homed. Call Home on the channel.
ControlError3 A control error has occurred. Call Start on the channel to clear the control error.
WrongMode4 The controller is in the wrong mode. For example, the DIP switches may be in Mixed Mode while the tune was done in Independent Mode.
SerialTimeout6 A serial timeout occurred, or the TX line was disconnected. Call Start on the channel to clear the serial timeout.
TimedOut-2 The requested timeout expired.
PortNotOpen-3 The serial port is not open.
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