KangarooChannelPI Method Kangaroo Library for .NET
Makes an incremental move. This command is useful any time you want to make a motion relative to where you are right now. Rovers are a case where this is almost always what you want.

Namespace: DimensionEngineering.Kangaroo
Assembly: DimensionEngineering.Kangaroo (in DimensionEngineering.Kangaroo.dll) Version: (

public KangarooMonitor PI(
	int positionIncrement,
	int speedLimit = -1,
	KangarooMoveFlags flags = KangarooMoveFlags.Default


Type: SystemInt32
The amount to increment the current position by.
speedLimit (Optional)
Type: SystemInt32
The speed limit for the move.
flags (Optional)
Type: DimensionEngineering.KangarooKangarooMoveFlags
Modifiers for the move command.

Return Value

Type: KangarooMonitor
A KangarooMonitor for tracking the move request.
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