3A Adjustable Regulator
DE-SWADJ3     $25.00
High-capacity adjustable switching regulator
5-35v Input
3-13v Output adjustable
25W capacity
>90% efficiency

Light 'em up! DELight Controller     Full Kit for $59.99
R/C lighting controller
Up to eight separate channels of LED light!
Can display 6 programmed sequences at once
Graphical programming from your PC

ParkBEC     $18.99
Lets you run more servos or higher voltage packs
2s-8s Lithium input voltage
1.25A continuous output current, 1.5A peak
Weighs 6.2g (0.22oz)
The smallest and lightest switching BEC on the market!

2X25 motor driver Sabertooth 2X25     $124.99
Dual 25A motor driver
Analog, serial and R/C inputs
50A peak!
Overcurrent and thermal protection

SportBEC     $29.99
High capacity switch-mode BEC
3s-8s lithium input voltage
3.5A current powers many high torque digital servos
13g / .46oz
5V/6V selectable at the flick of a switch!

Triple axis accelerometer $35.00
Senses motion/tilt/vibration in all directions
±2g sensor, 666mV/g sensitivity
Onboard 3.3V voltage regulator
Buffered outputs on all three axes.

PicoSwitch     $19.99
Radio controlled relay switch
Max current 1A
Great for remote control of lighting systems, camera triggers and more

AnyVolt Micro
AnyVolt Micro     $19.99
Steps voltage up or down
2.6V to 14V input range
2.6V to 14V adjustable output using a screwdriver
Integrated capacitors

CellShield lithium cutoff
Cellshield     $29.99
Cell-by-cell intelligent lithium cutoff
Protects each individual cell in your battery pack
2.5V to 3.5V/cell adjustable cutoff
2X5 motor driver
Sabertooth 2X5       $59.99
Antweight dual 5A motor driver
Analog, serial and R/C inputs
Built in mixing mode
Overcurrent and thermal protection