Negatron DC-DC Converter
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Product Description

Negatron is a buck-boost converter that takes a positive voltage and turns it into a negative voltage that you can use with amplifier circuits and more. The output is adjustable from -1.3V to -12V. Negatron is also able to step up/step down the magnitude of the voltage. For example, you can feed Negatron +9V and it can give you a -5V or a -12V rail.

Negatron is the perfect choice for engineers frustrated with trying to create a negative voltage source in their low power circuit.

Negatron will operate from a 4V to 14V input and the output voltage is set with the small screw potentiometer on the top.

Negatron is pin-compatible with the common 78XX series of linear voltage regulators, so it will work with breadboards and other popular prototyping methods.

Negatron is very different from any other DC-DC converter on the market so please read the entire datasheet thoroughly before buying or using one.

Product Specs

Model: Negatron
Performance: -1.3V to -12V output voltage range
4V to 14V input voltage range
0.5A max output current @ -5V when powered from +9V
0.25A max output current @ -12V when powered from +12V
(please see datasheet for current ratings at other input/output voltages)
~100mV typical ripple
External components not normally needed
Protective Features: Overcurrent protection
Thermal protection
Applications: Lab work and prototyping
Op-amp negative supply rail
Powering small audio amplifiers
Powering sensors
Solar powered applications
Battery charging
Renewable energy source applications
Datasheet: Negatron.doc (167kb)
Negatron.pdf (181kb)
Topology: Buck-boost