Parkflyer Switch-mode BEC 6V
Price: 19.99
Weight: 6.5g / 0.23oz
(no wires) 4.4g / 0.16oz
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Product Description

The ParkBEC 6V is the 6 volt output version of our ParkBEC, the smallest and lightest switch-mode BEC on the market. The 6 volt output will give you more servo speed and torque than standard 5V models. It can support as many as six sub-micro servos.

ParkBEC 6V is especially well suited for small helicopters and 3d planes, where extra response speed or torque are needed.

It weighs only 6.5g and is designed for running parkflyer type aircraft with pack voltages up to 33.6V.

The ParkBEC 6V installs between your ESC and receiver. You don't have to modify your speed control to disable its internal BEC, just plug the ESC into the ParkBEC 6V. It uses a switching type power supply to efficiently convert high pack voltages into a steady 6 volts.

Additional Notes

If you are using small servos make sure they can run at 6v. Some sub-micros, notably the Hitec HS-50 and Futaba S3154, can be damaged by a 6v supply.

For best results, ensure that the ParkBEC 6V is installed at least 2 inches away from your receiver and antenna.

ParkBEC 6V is not compatible with 2s lithium packs.

ParkBEC 6V cannot power multiple digital servos.

Product Specs

Model: ParkBEC 6V
Specifications: Input voltage: 8V to 33.6V (3s-8s lithium, up to 21 NiMHs)
Output current: 1.25A continuous, 1.5A 60 second peak (6 4-9g servos, 4 standard servos)
Weight: 6.5g/.23oz
Weight without wires: 4.4g/.16oz
6 Volt output
Universal connector fits all receivers
1.3V dropout voltage at 1A
Can be put in parallel
Applications: Parkflyers
Small 3d aircraft
Micro helicopters
Datasheet: Installation guide.doc (740kb)
Installation guide.pdf (337kb)
ParkBEC EMI profile (159kb)
Customer contributed: Guide to easily moving BECs between planes