KangarooChannelUnits Method Kangaroo Library for .NET
Sets custom units for the channel. This command may be called after you start the channel but before you home it. If you do not set custom units, the units you have set up in DEScribe will be used. If you haven't set any, machine units will be used.

Namespace: DimensionEngineering.Kangaroo
Assembly: DimensionEngineering.Kangaroo (in DimensionEngineering.Kangaroo.dll) Version: (

public KangarooError Units(
	int desiredUnits,
	int machineUnits


Type: SystemInt32
The amount in your units that correspond to the specified amount of machine units.
Type: SystemInt32
The amount of machine units (millivolts or lines) corresponding to the specified amount in your units.

Return Value

Type: KangarooError
A KangarooError. Most commonly, this will be None if the channel does not require homing, or NotHomed if it does.
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