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Legacy Products
ServoSense current logger

ServoSense is being discontinued in favour of the newer ServoSense Plus product. ServoSense Plus will do everything ServoSense can do, and more. This page will remain here to provide information for original ServoSense owners.

Product Description

The ServoSense is an inflight current logger for radio gear in electric planes. It is designed for use with regulated sources such as a BEC.

ServoSense measures the following:

Max current that occurs during flight (Up to 5A)
Max average current during any 15 second interval (Up to 3A)
Average current over whole flight (Up to 3A)

Max current will tell you if you're risking a BEC shutdown due to overcurrent.
Max over 15 seconds will tell you if your BEC is likely to overheat and shut down.
Average current will tell you how much of the capacity of the battery powering the receiver is being used.

The ServoSense installs inline between your receiver and ESC. It displays the recorded information by blinking LEDs.

The red LED blinks out the maximum current recorded during the flight in .1A increments. That is, 12 flashes means a max current of 1.2A.

The green LED blinks out the average current in .05A increments. 5 flashes would mean the average current drawn during the flight was .25A

The Max15 reading is displayed by both lights blinking simultaneously. It displays in .05A increments.

Media: Installation picture 1.jpg (42kb)
Installation picture 2.jpg
Reference cards: ServoSense.doc (91kb)
ServoSense.pdf (72kb)