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Legacy Products
DELight Controller
Price: 29.99
Weight: 6.0g
International Shipping: 3.00
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Product Description

The DELight Controller is the most advanced R/C Lighting Controller ever produced. It features high power output and unmatched programmability in a lightweight plug-and-play package.

The controller features six programmable channels. Each channel plays a programmed sequnce. You can select between sequences with your transmitter. For example, you could have a set of wing LEDs which are programmed as chaser lights above 60% input, solid on between 60% and 20%, and off below 20%. Or you cuold program brake lights which glow dimly when a car is driving forward, but light up brightly when brakes are applied. You could even program Morse code sequences to be flashed out of a signal lamp on a boat. Each channel's trip point is independent, so you can have different lights turn on at different points. A good example of this is exhaust lighting, where the engine glow could light at 30% but afterburner effects would not turn on until 80% throttle.

Four of the programmable channels are programmable for current as well as sequence. Strobe, glow and fade effects are easily accomplished. Because these channels are true feedback-controlled analog current sources, it is not necessary to use current-limit resistors when using channels 1-4.

Two of the channels are high powered on/off channels, which can supply up to two amps each. These are useful to turn large strings of lights off and on for night flying applications. These channels can also be used to control auxiliary systems such as smoke pumps, bomb drops or glow-wire inverters.

If no radio signal is present, the DELight Controller will default to a user-programmed sequence. In this manner, it can be used as a stand-alone lighting controller for effects, even without a radio.

The DELink software used to create lighting programs has a built-in simulator, so it is easy to preview and tweak programs without having to make endless trips between your workbench and PC. You can even download the software and get your programs ready before you have the hardware, or share your lighting creations with your friends.

The DELight Controller and LEDs run from BEC power, so we strongly advise the use of a switching BEC or RX pack if you are running many lights at full brightness.

Product Specs

Model: DELight Controller
Specifications: Size: 1.1" x .85" x .2" plus connectors
Weight: 6.0g
Voltage range: 3.6v-7.4V (3-6 cell NiMh, 1 or 2s lipo)

Current Draw:
Controller: 10mA typical
Channels 1-4: Programmable, 250mA max per channel
Channels 5-6: 2A max per channel
Channels 7-8: Always on, 2A max per channel
Maximum recommended current draw for all channels: 4A
Applications: Scale Lighting
Night Flying
R/C Vehicles
Theatrical and special effects
Instructions: Manual and Installation Guide
Programming Guide
Programming Tutorials
Software Download: DELight Software Download
Default Program