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Legacy Products
LipoShield intelligent lithium cutoff
Price: 19.99
Weight: 3.5g / 0.13oz
International Shipping: 3.00
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Product Description

LipoShield is a low voltage cutoff device which enables any ESC to be used with lithium battery packs. It installs easily between your receiver and ESC and provides a reliable 3.0V per cell soft cutoff to prevent over-discharge damage to your expensive lipo packs.

LipoShield is a soft cutoff, so it is appropriate for any plane, even 3D types. The soft cutoff gradually reduces power to the motor allowing you to make a controlled landing.

When you notice the aircraft becoming sluggish, it is time to bring it in. The cutoff can be reset by throttling down to zero, then throttling back up. This enables a “go around” to prevent emergency landings and long walks to retrieve your plane.

LipoShield automatically detects the number of lithium cells in your battery pack at power-up and sets the appropriate cutoff voltage. It then continuously displays the detected number of cells by blinking the “Cells” LED. LipoShield works whether you’re running a BEC built into your ESC, a separate BEC such as ParkBEC or even a receiver pack.

LipoShield uses a microcontroller to modify the throttle signal sent from the receiver to the speed control. As a result, it works equally well with older ESCs that have no lithium cutoff settings, and new ESCs that have unreliable cutoffs. It will even work in conjunction with another soft cutoff built into your speed control.

LipoShield works equally well with brushed or brushless ESCs.

For fine control over cell cutoffs, check out CellShield.

LipoShield is intended for aircraft with 0-100% style one direction only throttle. A future product will be aimed at cars.

Product Specs

Model: LipoShield
Specifications: Input voltage: 1s to 12s Lithium or Lithium Polymer
Cutoff voltage: 3.0V/cell
Weight: 3.5g/.13oz
Works with both brushed and brushless ESCs
Applications: Any plane without an effective lithium cutoff
Instructions: Installation guide.doc (283kb)
Installation guide.pdf (342kb)
3 cell detection example.wmv (495kb)