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Legacy Products
Switch-mode BEC with Lithium Cutoff
Price: 26.99
Weight: 7.0g / 0.25oz
(no wires) 4.4g / 0.14oz
International Shipping: 1.25
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Product Description

The SmartBEC adds the benefits of a switching BEC and a lithium-aware LVC to your flight system. It is a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade their non-lithium aware system to use higher voltage lithium batteries.

SmartBEC features a soft lithium cutoff, so you don’t have to worry about making an emergency dead-stick landing. When the battery is nearly depleted, the power output of the motor is progressively scaled down. Once the plane begins to feel sluggish, its time to set up for a landing.

SmartBEC uses a switching type power supply to efficiently convert high pack voltages into the 5v your receiver and radio gear needs. A switching BEC does not become grossly inefficient when used from high voltage sources. Because of this you will not need to fear losing radio power from a BEC shutdown. Adding a SmartBEC will allow you to stop carrying around a second receiver battery, often saving several ounces of weight. SmartBEC supports up to four standard servos or six sub-micro servos, so the majority of sport and parkflyer type aircraft are suitable. It puts out almost no EMI, so you can use it without fear of glitching.

The SmartBEC installs between your ESC and receiver, so you don't have to modify your speed control to disable its internal BEC, just plug it in. SmartBEC works by modifying the throttle commands sent to the ESC, so if the ESC has low voltage cutoff settings, they will still be active. Whichever LVC occurs first (ESC or SmartBEC) will take precedence.

SmartBEC automatically detects the number of series lithium cells, and displays this information by flashing a light. After connecting the battery and prior to flying, make sure that the SmartBEC has detected the correct number of cells. If the battery is in a severely discharged state, the SmartBEC may detect the incorrect number of cells. If the number of cells displayed by the SmartBEC is less than the number of cells in the battery, DO NOT attempt to fly as this may damage your battery pack. Instead, fully charge the battery before flying. Here is a small video of a SmartBEC that has detected a four cell (4s) pack. As a safety precaution, SmartBEC will not arm the ESC for pack voltages lower than 9V or higher than 34V.

SmartBEC is not directly compatible with opto-isolated ESCs. A small modification is required (see below).

For best results, ensure that the SmartBEC is installed at least 2 inches away from your receiver.

Product Specs

Model: SmartBEC
Specifications: Input voltage: 9V to 33.6v (3s-8s lithium, up to 21 NiMHs)
Output current: 1.25A continuous, 1.5A 60 second peak. (6 4-9g servos, 4 17g or larger servos)
Cutoff voltage: 3.0v/Cell
Weight: 7.0g/.25oz
Weight Without Wires: 4.4g/.14oz
5 Volt output
Universal connector fits all receivers
Applications: Sport planes
Small 3d aircraft
Micro helicopters
Datasheet: Installation guide.doc (215kb)
Installation guide.pdf (228kb)
4 cell detection demonstration.wmv
SmartBEC opto ESC modification.gif
Customer contributed: Guide to easily moving BECs between planes